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Staff Applications

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Staff Applications

Post by Rocky on Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:56 pm

Developer: Create NPCs, System Ideas, Plots, Mechanics, Events, and RP NPCs only when directed to. Obviously you must have a creative mind to carry out this job, but you are heavily valued. You must be pro-active and take building events, NPCs, plot devices into your own hands. This is a job that won't be monitored as heavily as a General Mod would be, just occasional check ups on progress to ensure work is being done. On the occasion you will be given specific things to work on.

General Mods: The main staff members, aside form Admins, that can grade applications. This requires a deal of One Piece knowledge, as though we are AU, Canon is our Bible and unless directed by an Admin or Senior Moderator we do not stray from the Bible's word. Be ready for on the fly changes and have a malleable mentality. We work with 1/2 approvals and approvals can be revoked. You can either be accepted as a Moderator or a Trial Mod. As a Trial Mod you work as a regular mod would, but you cannot give the final approval on things, consider it a test phase. It is given to those we feel can be groomed into a great moderator, but need training first. You have 2 weeks worth of time from acceptance to show promise or progression. From there your Trial Mod title will either be refreshed or you will become a General Mod. If two weeks come and we feel you made no progress, you will be removed, but may reapply again when you feel you are ready.

GFXer: A person who works graphics for the site. You will more than likely work in junction with the Coder(s) to ensure the site is aesthetically where it needs to be at all times. A sample of your work is required upon applying.

The only job I will allow someone to apply for without meeting the qualifications is a General Mod in reference to Game of Thrones knowledge. You must still have GENERAL knowledge of the series, but having the whole thing memorized from front to back is not a requirement.

[b]Position Applying For:[/b]
[b]Skype:[/b] (Do you have one, if so supply your information)
[b]Reason[/b] (Why do you want to join staff)
[b]Skills[/b] (Any special skills, gfx, coding, event creating, etc)
[b]Activity:[/b] (1-10)
[b]How Far in the Series Are You?[/b](Chapter #)

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Re: Staff Applications

Post by Numair on Fri Dec 25, 2015 2:08 pm

Position Applying For: Coder (if that's possible) |OR| GFXer (not really my strong suit but it's the next thing after coder) |OR| General Mod

Skype: duke.tries

Experience: I think I've been an admin/mod on sites since the beginning of my rp experience (so, that would be about 5 years I think). I have been part of many different sites (eg. animanga, real-life, original, series-inspired) and have experienced a lot of different types of rp communities. I was a pretty bad admin at first, but now I'm kinda strict (maybe too strict some times ehem). Ah, yeah, I don't really know what else to say here? (I'm not admining any active rps right now, so I can't really give you examples.)

Reason Why not? I like helping out.

I know html/css, and am planning to work on javascript; which means, I make things pretty, better than making them practical. Sure I can do a few tricks like switch accounts widget or whatever (with the help of google, of course), but yeah, limited there. As a coder, I usually take up tasks such as making general templates, application templates, touching up on skins/themes, etc.
Samples (Aka, some of the sites I started but never launched ehem. Just in case; I coded the skins and the templates on all these sites. I wrote the info too, but not important for this lol)
Forumotion - Zetaboards (this is my zetaboards skin dump) - Zetaboards 2 - Some posting templates

I don't really know what to show you for this? I don't really use that many graphics when it comes to making skins. I do make signatures/avatars/advertisements though, so, have some of those (???).
Some examples of graphics I've made - Some more samples

Activity: Depends on rl situations. Usually 6-7.

How Far in the Series Are You? I've completed the TV series and read a few chapters from the first book.

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Re: Staff Applications

Post by Rocky on Fri Dec 25, 2015 2:16 pm

Accepted as General Moderator and GFXer. Welcome to the staff team, Duke.

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Re: Staff Applications

Post by Sponsored content

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