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Post by Numair on Sun Dec 27, 2015 12:46 pm

Numair [wip] AvxWeL8

Numair [wip] 0OeODz3
Name: Numair [Na-ma-eer]

Nickname: N/A

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Class: N/A

Tier: N/A

Numair [wip] GWSdYHs
Height: 167 cm.

Weight: 57 kg.

Appearance: He has a small figure. Muscles on him are scarce; they're there, but they're not the most noticeable thing about him. His skin was originally pale, and has only tanned a little bit due to years travelling under the harsh sun of Essos. His captors (and past owners) tried to shield him from said sun as much as possible, to preserve his pale skin tone. His skin is also clean of any scars, again due to the tries of masters and captors to preserve his quality as a slave. Unlike other people from his home continent who have small facial features, his are rather bold and sharp, having full lips (that tend to become chapped often) and rather prominent cheekbones. His hair is a dark brown mess most of the time, unless he decides to actually brush it (which he does almost never), and his eyes are black in color, almond shaped and monolid.

Numair is not someone who likes to deal with clothing. If he could go without it, he would. However, he can't, so he does whatever is in his power to make it more bearable. He prefers loose and baggy clothing above all, anything that won't restrict him. Heavy clothing is out of the question; he only adds a layer on his upper body if the temperature is too low to endure. For attire colors, he chooses earthly tones, so as to blend in and not stand out more than he already does.

Numair [wip] EW0JlD2
Character Rank: Servant of House Baratheon [Former Slave]
House: N/A

Numair [wip] IVLimad
Personality: Numair is, above all, adaptable. It's a trait he slowly developed throughout his life as a slave. He accepts things he has to accept (even if they go against his beliefs), and will keep a low profile if that is what he needs to do to survive. There is not much pride in him, so it's not difficult to bow to people he doesn't like. The little pride he has only kicks in if he gets a chance to be the upper hand without getting any sort of punishment for it. He is overall a modest and quiet person to the people who don't know him all that well.

To those he makes himself familiar with however, the expression of affection is stronger. He is loyal to those he finds admirable and worthy. Caring and protective, he puts himself in front of others -almost out of instinct- and does not ask for anything back. He sees himself as a shield more than anything else, and when people actually fully turn their attention towards him, he gets tense and changes the subject or flees.

Due to his somewhat defensive personality, he's not one to start quarrels, or keep them going for that matter. He doesn't hold grudges, unless it was someone he cared deeply about that was offended/hurt. He can take insults, harsh jokes, basically anything as long as they're thrown at him and not anyone else he views as important.

Although he might seem the kind to help all who are innocent and fragile, he's not that at all. He won't help someone getting robbed in the middle of the night, and he won't help a starving child on the streets. Not unless either of them make a good impression on him. He has learnt throughout his life that, to survive, one needs to keep to themselves rather than throw away all they have to whatever random stranger who is in need of them.

Likes: being naked - large bodies of water - good lies - the sun - quiet places

Dislikes: people touching his neck - large battles - being restricted - nicknames - oranges

Character History: (Describe within at least 500 words what your character went through in life. What kind of history did they have, the more details the better. Knights and Stewards must have atleast 750 words.)

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