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Post by Tobias Baratheon on Sun Dec 27, 2015 2:27 pm

Tobias Baratheon [WIP] LT8lAxT

Tobias Baratheon [WIP] 0OeODz3
Name: Tobias Baratheon

Nickname: Tobias, the Stranger's Son

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Class: Swordsman

Tier: 2

Tobias Baratheon [WIP] GWSdYHs
Height: 5,10

Weight: 180lbs

Daily Attire:

Tobias Baratheon [WIP] Bfb42daf581439177085d72e53b64e19

Appearance:  As a child of the a nobleman, Tobias was always forced to wear clothes that were very uncomfortable for him and his style. Shirts with collars that hurt like a bitch, as well as itchy undergarments. Once he reached an age where he didn't have to fully listen to his father he started to wear in a style much closer to any sellsword. Yet, even though his attire changed he was no longer recognizable, which he was fine with.

At the bottom of all of his clothing was a white undergarment, that was very comfortable might I add. He bought it mainly for the comfort factor, not for the way it looked on him. Over that he wore a vest, that had a very different design from anything that was found in Dragonstone at the time. This vest consisted of many buckles that were placed all over it. it was not consider stylish until Tobias wore it. Over that, he wore a belt which was the place where his sword was placed. Normally, as a noble he wore a cape that most Baratheons wore which didn't bring any honor to his name. Underneath he wore black pants and black boots, which looked might fine on him. In conclusion this clothes helped Tobias become one of the most desired bachelors in the seven Kingdoms.

Yet not only where his clothes that played a part in his handsomeness. He had a desirable figure, with a cleft chin and ver well-built facial featyres, he was considered a handsome looking man. He has hazelnut eyes and almost always wear beard on his face. The beard was one of his most prized  possession. In his mind it was a sign of manliness and maturity. Also, he thought it added  a scary, yet handsome,  feature on his face.  he had no disabilities, he is tall  as well as well built.  Again,  this is why he is one of the most desired bachelors in all of the Seven Kingdoms.

Tobias Baratheon [WIP] EW0JlD2
Character Rank: Knight
House: Baratheon - Closely related to the Lord (Brother/Son)

Tobias Baratheon [WIP] IVLimad


Tobias is very respectful, he treats everyone the same way; which is very weird for any noble child. His servants, he treats as his brothers and and the citizens he treats like lords. He doesn't bow to them or anything like that, he just was very kind with his words and would never say anything behind their backs. He only says good things about people, even he knows anything bad he keeps it to himself.


He is also very curious about what life holds for him and everyone in general. He likes to explore, and enjoys to see the dead. While this is very demented, he enjoys learning new things and killing as many people as he can. Also, exploiting his privelages as a noble is a way he gets to pay for these explorations and learning. Being curious also allows him to quickly become knowledgable and wise, which people of the Seven Kingdoms lack.


Always optimistic is what Tobias is. He always finds a way to look up in a bad situation. Where ever he is, he enjoys looking at the good times and thinking that good will happen. Mostly since he was told at a young age that good things happen to good people. He believes and does his best to be a good person, which being optimistic is part of. He also enjoys to cheer people up when they are down, and making them smile again. Tobias never thinks of the bad parts of life, only the good.


Everyone thought Tobias was saintly, since he only did the right things. While really, he was a big fat liar. He always lied, yet they never caught up with him until recently. He lied to get his reputation higher, and about what he does as a noble child. Even though, it caught up with him he a has never been blamed for it.

Character History: (Describe within at least 500 words what your character went through in life. What kind of history did they have, the more details the better. Knights and Stewards must have atleast 750 words.)

Tobias Baratheon
Tobias Baratheon

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