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Rules and Guidelines

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Rules and Guidelines Empty Rules and Guidelines

Post by Rocky on Tue Dec 22, 2015 4:16 pm

Rules and Guidelines


In order for guests to be view the entire site they will first have to register. The Registration button is located on the directory bar and reads the words "Register". The site does not allow more than two accounts at a time and IP Addresses will be checked to confirm that there are none trying to find loopholes. If the situation is a special one, meaning you share IP addresses with another member, simple inform one of the staff so that your account won't be deleted.

One character is allowed per account.
This site allows the user to change their name as they please however, we do ask that the username you use has some connection with your character. Meaning if your character is name "Roland Fishwall aka The Fish" we expect to see usernames that have relation to it.

Signatures that have very large pictures should be put in spoilers. Also your signature should have a link to your character application.

Character Creation

Follow the Template, they are made as a means to assist with the character creation process.
When making your character please be as detailed as possible.

Rp as you have made your character, we dont expect emo guys to be all happy-go-lucky or good guys slaughtering innocents to sate thier thirst for blood.

If your character dies then that is it, he/she is dead. You will be allowed to retain the rank you previously had (however a second death you drop a rank and so on). However any special items, money, or weapons they had are gone. *Looting bodies is allowed*

Use your own creativity! Don't go around using the ideas of others as this site promotes personal creativity over all. Don't steal ideas. You have a brain. Use it.

Site Rules

No Flamming, if caught breaking this rule said person will receive a warning followed by a 12hr site or chat ban (depending on the gravity of a situation)

No Godmodding.

Abilities or skills that control PC are not allowed. I allow you to be creative (not putting to much of a limit on jutsu) in turn I expect you to be reasonable with the things you choose to apply to your character. If your found godmodding your post will be voided. Plain and simple.

Auto-Hitting. As most sites don't condone auto-hitting of any kind we have a rule here. If for some reason a person has not responded in two days *48 hours* then the attacker is allowed to "Call a hit". What this means is the attack made in a post, after waiting the 48 hours, connects automatically. Also should an opponent make a post completely ignoring an attack made by the attacker, this will result in the attack landing as well. So always pay attention to the posts of others. This is the only time a auto-hit will be allowed. My suggestion, if your gonna get in a fight be sure your available to finish it. (If a person has posted in the away area, then the attacker is allowed to either cancel attack and leave topic or wait until the person has returned. I know we have lives so I will not hold it against someone if they have to be away.

No Meta-gaming.  This can't be stressed enough as there are plenty of times when people feign knowledge that their character has no way of knowing. If your best-friend was killed IC and you weren't around to identify who killed him, then you will have no way of knowing your best-friends killer was sitting next to you. So don't act as if you do.

Just Ask. If for any reason you are unclear about a post made by someone, just ask. Don't assume and make a post which in turn causes issues. Get the clarification you need before posting.

Respect the Staff. We are working hard to keep the site active and updated. We may not always get to all the requests made right away but we are doing our best. I am sure some of you have younger siblings or cousins that pester you constantly about "can you do this and that". Well we feel the same way when you do it to us, annoyed. We will do our best to get all apps and questions checked and answered A.S.A.P. so please be patient and chill out. We got you.

This site is a mature site. This mean sexual descriptions *no sex or genitalia descriptions*. Innuendo is allowed, bloody descriptions, and vulgar language as well. However we do ask you put in your topics heading that the content is explicit. Example: Love is War [Mature]. If your easily offended by such content just dont read the topic! Also we prefer if you are gonna do this possible put the post in spoilers and before it gets to detailed have the post fade to black *again no sex perverts*

No religion or ethnicity bashing. Jokes are well and good but don't get personal or it will lead to banning.

There is a fine line between reasoning and arguing, if you feel that a staff member is treating you unfairly do not take it into your own hands. If you feel wronged I will allow all members to pm their issues and I will handle it fairly *Dont overdo it*. Though they are my staff I do not play favorites. We are all members here the staff are just a means to keep order. So if there are any issues with staff members, do not argue but bring it to my attention and we may work from there.

If you have issues with something on the site or have a idea you wish to share, you are welcome to post these in the suggestion topic located in the OOC Zone.

Post Requirements

For the sake of quality we ask the members to maintain posts that are at least 250 words. No offense to all the professional one-liners out there but when a person doesn't provide a good detailed post it makes it more difficult for others to follow up after you.

When posting you describe what your character see, hear, feel, smell, even sometimes taste. These details will help to make quality posts and most times put you over the 250 word requirement. The thing with rping is that details are the bread and butter, in a fight if you miss a single detail it can turn the entire situation bad for you. So remember to always be detailed and read the details. Don't skimp out on either.

When you enter someones topic you are required to describe how exactly you got there. There will be no you just randomly appear next to a person.

When Exiting a topic, you must post (EXIT.) at the bottom of your post. If you do not, you are considered still in the topic and can still be attacked or spoken to.

You may only be in one current topic and three flashbacks at a time. This is a open plot, real-time based site. You can't very well be in two places at once. There are no Exceptions!

Rank and Positions

Certain titles must be earned IC. As such if one is to start with high ranked *royalty, leaders, etc* they must first get permission from an admin. The admins will only approve application with high ranked status if they feel the application is good enough.

Position can be reserved at the discretion of the leader. If you are told no, do not start complaining as no one will care or want to hear it.

Each group has its own way challenging for a position. However, after challenging for the position, win or lose you may not challenge for another spot until a week has passed. Also at the heading of the topic should say "Ra Fight" somewhere in the title.

Private Topics

In order for a private topic to be allowed, two or more people must be present in topic.

If making a private topic for specific users then "Invited Only" must be placed somewhere in the title. However if after 24hrs and none have entered, the topic will be considered normal.

Private topics are not excluded from natural disasters or events.

Battle Posting

If Bob attacks and John reacts to the attack but does not describe how the attack was reacted to, Bob may counter the reaction to control the left out action and land a direct hit elsewhere regardless if the damage is fatal or minimal.

Ex. Bob swings his sword in a horizontal fashion from left to right then follows up with a with a boot to John's gut. John responds by ducking the swing.

Because John ignored or overlooked the boot from Bob, the boot connects. This is considered "Calling a Hit".                              
Any issues concerning a person's post needs to be taken to the IC Dispute area. Arguing in IC topics will only result result of both parties getting a 12hr ban. You will be warned only once if you persist after the warning then you will receive the ban.
Should a fight be in progress and a character app is unapproved, the fight will be put on hold until the issue is resolved thus eliminating the 48hr wait for a person to post.

A new technique/item earned cannot be used by the character until after they leave a current topic.
Point Blank are not easy to escape from. So a person may be able to dodge however, they still risk damage depending on the technique used to dodge. And the nature of the attack itself.

When in a battle, the member cannot just up and leave. Once your in it you have to finish or all parties involved decided to end the topic. Meaning if your under attack you can't just leave topic. You will have to defend yourself.

Miscellaneous Rules

No IC posts are allowed to be WIP, unless they are training topics or solo topics.

Hounds. This is a word you will be familiar with on this site. On most sites they allow for really fucked up things to happen IC, like killing a family or mass murder in general. The one committing the crime controls those that would hunt him down, since it is technically their thread, and some how dupe the NPC and get away with murder. Well, that doesn't fly here. When things like this occur we do what we like to call "Hounding". If they are in a thread and find yourself hounded then it means that your actions have been a little to radical and Staff feels the need to make you pay properly. If the need arises they can even bring in a NPC specifically for this task. Hounds in general are meant to make whatever situation your in 10x worse. To avoid having your thread hounded simply avoid extreme radical behavior (stealing from a daimyo, robbing a bank, mass murder, ect). And always keep in mind that the Hound is watching.

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