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Post by Rocky on Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:31 pm


If spamming of rolls happen, then the member will be firstly banned out of rolling for 1 week. If it happens again you will be banned for 3 days. Thank you, Guru.

Weekly Rolls

NPCs such as Slaves can be purchased in the world of OoD. Instead of allowing them to live forever every monday a dice shall be rolled to see if your NPC is still alive. In this era many life taking things could happen to your NPC which is the reason for this system. The number 6 on the dice means that the NPC has died, and all the other numbers means he still is alive. On the other hand, the number 3 means that your NPC is now crippled. Which body part that becomes useless is your choice.

War or Battle Rolls

Whenever an NPC is sent to a battle or on a war, when he is to return a dice will be rolled to see whether or not he died or has been injured during the fight. Much like the weekly rolls, yet this only applies for sellswords. The number 6 means that sellsword has died during the battle, and the number three means he is now crippled. Again, the decision of which body part is up to the NPC's owner.

Runaway Rolls

Again every week another roll will be counted. This roll will be used for slaves to check whether or not they have ran away. If the number 4 is rolled than this NPC has sucessfully ran away. The owner (You) can hire someone or go yourself to pursue the slave and bring him back but that also would need to be rolled upon. The find your slave you must write a 250 word topic about your travels, and then staff will roll to check whether or not you found your slave or not. The number 2 and 4 mean that your slave has been found and that he/she shall return to your ownership.

*Runaway Rolls are inactive, until Essos is opened*

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